Weeknotes is released

A surprisingly insightful addition to the Storyus content types

7th December 2020

Words: Ben Seymour

Photos: Ben Seymour

For the unspectacular and the everyday

We've been 'reflecting on the weekend' for many years now, and find it is such a great way to help us remember the things we get up to.

Covid changed the day to day routines for almost everyone - and as a family, we found that time seems to both stand still, but also pass vanishingly quickly at the same time. We often found ourselves questioning where on earth the time had gone, and coupled with a sense that we were so constrained, it felt like the time had fizzled away.

Keeping a low key log of our day to day activities, however mundane has actually really helped us look back and understand where the time went - and as such, we are really pleased to release 'Weeknotes' as a standard story type on to the platform today.