Your photos are just the start of Your Story.

The stories we tell about our lives become the story of our life. Own Your Story.

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Storyus® is the family-friendly storytelling platform.

Our mission is to get us all to think more about our own story through positive reflection, to encourage gratitude for what we already have, and to be inspired to do more interesting and meaningful things with our time and loved ones.

We love catching up with the goings-on of our family and close friends, and of course sharing our own adventures. However we are increasingly concerned about the hidden costs and impact of many social networks.

We are building the platform that we wished existed already, one which :

  1. Puts you in control of how your story is told. (not an algorithm).
  2. Puts all of the focus and attention on what really matters without the distractions of adverts.
  3. Encourages opportunities for positive reflection on your life, to discover and reinforce what is most important to you.
  4. Is family-friendly, supports parent and child writing and publishing workflows (also, no 'likes' ♥, no public follower counts, no comments).
  5. Is upfront about how you pay for the service (rather than selling your attention or leveraging your personal data to drive revenue).

Simple reflection on positive memories can have a positive effect on your mood and well being.

Read the full blog post What enables us to flourish? by psychologist Lucinda Powell.

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Constraints help you understand & appreciate what was really important to you.

Thanks to modern smartphones, these days it is pretty common for people to have a high quality camera in their pocket all day everyday. At a later date, trying to look over the most meaningful moments from all those photos can be like finding a needle in an ever-growing haystack, especially if they are being captured on multi devices and by many different people. Storyus encourages regular reflection to make reviewing less daunting, and by applying constraints also encourages the discovery of what was really important to us, and can help us to better know our friends and family.

Curation is an act of love.

Same adventure, different perspectives, different memories - reinforced.

During the summer of 2018 the Seymour family were fortunate enough to go on a 5200km European roadtrip. For 34 days Emma, Ben and their 2 children (aged 11 and 8) shared the same car, the same accomodation, the same experiences and adventures, and yet our perspectives, understanding and values lead to quite different observations, perceptions and memories. The trip really strengthened the family bonds, and reflectioning helped us get to know each other better.

Ben Reflecting | Jack Reflecting | Zoe Reflecting

No 'likes' ♥. No public follower counts. No Adverts.

You 'own' your story and can decide what was important, and how best to share it.

Social sharing is certainly important, and the bonds of friendship & kinship are forged through shared experiences, and strengthened and reinforced through reflecting and storytelling. We think there is a better way to capture, collate, curate your memories in order to collaborate on and celebrate your story.

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Zoe is loving capturing some great photos - and I love photographing Zoe taking photos!