Heroes in the Huts

Visiting the home of the code breakers

The Seymours visit Bletchely Park

We've just had an amazing visit to BP (Bletchley Park). It was such an interesting place that held so many secrets and where so many people worked around the clock so diligently. 10,000 people moved in and out of these small buildings, all doing theur bit for the war effort. They speculated that these efforts cut short the was by 2 years and therefore saved approximately 2 million lives.

Walking around it still had an aura of calm, with the lake and the mansion presiding over it.

It was awesome to see Jack banging out the letters on an old typewriter like I used to play with at Gran B's, the distinct sounds taking me right back in an instant.

Looking out through the windows of the BP Mansion house I experienced a wave of childhood nostalgia. Something about the smell, or the building, or the view transported me back to my Grandparent's farmhouse.

I am in awe of the minds and what they achieved at Bletchley Park and most surprised by the role of pigeons in the war effort! If you choose to visit, the ticket is valid for a year, so we stayed nearby and went back the next day.

What a wonderous place.

Words: Emma Seymour

Photos: Emma/Ben Seymour