Photosphere Postcards, for truly panoramic experiences 

Photosphere can now be a part of your stories

4th January 2021

Words: Ben Seymour

Photos: Ben Seymour

Over the last few years several consumer devices have made the capture and creation of 360 photospheres to be really compelling again - these include the insta360 and the newer DJI magic drones - however there are few places where you can enjoy and share these experiences easily with friends. Storyus ran some initial trials a year or two ago, and we’re really pleased to release a new postcard type to bring these experiences into your every day memories.

Insta360 and DJI manic mini 2

Recent standard consumer items with 360 support

Here is a quick demonstration of using the panosphere based viewing experience - providing both auto guided panning and also drag and swipe interaction - couple with full screen for a really immersive experience  

Photosphere viewing tests