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The Whirlpool Galaxy (2nd stacking attempt).

A moment by Ben Seymour on 6th June 2020 jump to story

Motorsports heaven!

As well as visiting a number of race tracks including Le Mans, Monzo, Magny Cora, Spa and the Nurburgring, we also visited museums of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Red Bull and Mercedes, but the stand out experience was the tour of the Pagani factory. Utterly inspiring, and a shining example of what can be created when you couple amazing design and engineering but without compromise.

A postcard by Ben Seymour on 1st October 2018 jump to story

The fruits of our labours.

On the way back from my saturday morning swimming lessons I spotted loads of blackberries growing by the side of the road. It was a sunny morning, so we stopped and picked a carrier bag full. When we were back home Mum and I put them in a big pan, added loads of sugar, and then spent ages with them bubbling away. I don't like jam with bits in, so once it was at the right temperature we sivved it and put it into jars. Even when it was cooled it was still a little runny so I tried adding some to whipped cream, and it made it taste amazing - Dad said I've invented blackberry infused cream (he loved it too)

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A Moment from Emma : Eurotrip 2018

Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lake Brienz, Switzerland.

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A Moment from Jack (11) : Eurotrip 2018

Krimmler falls: It was like a wall of sound and the fine spray meant that we were soaking wet without realising it.

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